Archangeloi Aura Spray

The hierarchy of the ArchAngeloi works with the individual human being particularly during points of change or transition such as the time between death and a consequent new birth. During that in-between time, seeds of potentials for circumstances or events based on the memory of, or in, prior life experience, are planted as to the intended nature of the soul’s expression of Self in the present life. The ArchAngeloi Essences may help to stimulate the memory of the seeds to enhance recall of what was intended.They have been released at this time at the request of the hierarchy to stimulate seeds that have been planted long ago in relation to the unfoldment of the higher plan that is unfolding upon the earth. Those accessing the ArchAngeloi Essences participate in an activation via their Etheric body towards this unfoldment.  

Contains 20ml

Use sparingly, you only need a little of the ArchAngeloi sprays. Press one short squirt over the left shoulder, one short squirt above the crown and one over the right shoulder. Enjoy the subtle vibrations settling in your energy field...


Archangeloi Chamael

1-3 Days

Chamael brings in the energies of compassion and love and is one of the seven archangels that attend the Throne of God as protector. Chamael who, in times of need, can be called upon to protect a village, a town, city or nation, as well as sacred spaces, and can also be called upon in an interpersonal way to help with people’s health and well-being.

As we begin to develop our sense of being and our sense of non-doing, whatever is done through us may more consciously be realised by us and what our part in the solution might be. Chamael is the ArchAngeloi to use when times are critical.

In a sense Chamael is there to alleviate suffering, to help us when we are getting what we don’t want, or we are wanting what we cannot have or we are not able to distinguish between these two. With Chamael a sense of personification has been revealed that has not been present with other ArchAngeloi. She belongs to a different order in relation to what is made available through this ArchAngeloi. She may help us to get in touch with the compassionate aspect within ourselves when we face the shadows we have ignored (the ignorance within ourselves) which we may be able to overcome through finding warmth and caring within.

Chamael helps us to put the love, warmth and caring into the little things, as we accept ourselves so it becomes easier to accept others. This goes for our own opinions and other’s opinions equally of our actions whatever we thought we have already done. Chamael brings us the offering of warmth, caring and love towards ourselves and others.

Archangeloi Gabriel

1-3 Days
May lead us towards developing the ability to be true to ourselves.
Increase quality of warmth and caring. It may bring awareness to pattern of grief, deep anxiety, the intense sadness of a longing to return to spirit. Also the habits of family it limits to step more fully into a destiny of our life path.

Archangeloi Jophiel

1-3 Days
Offers a way for us to perceive the greater Truth. May help to bring harmony, hope and peace. Provides a deeper understanding that the yearning for "home" is a calling for us to understand that "home" is truly in the garden of our heart. Creates the space to release self-blame and cynicism allowing us to become aware of the greater power flowing through us. This brings trust of our own inner voice so that we may honor our individual self and begin to realize our unique and special contributions to the world.

Archangeloi Metatron

1-3 Days
Can help us us to sense and strengthen our support for the wealth of all and the talents, qualities and gifts within ourselves. It contains the most intense Light and depths of our shadow. As we own our projections and become open to the less familiar, we have a possibility of dissolving feelings of separation and allowing for our true self to emerge uninhibited. Brings clarity with ourself and therefore, clarity of that which is external to us. Sheds Light on personal and collective history of suffering, pain and sorrow and the wisdom and understanding such experiences bring. Strengthens connection with Earth's energy pattern, the planetary grid structure.

Archangeloi Michael

1-3 Days
May help us to clear the way towards opening our hearts. May support us in letting go of intense fears and anxieties. Brings a quality of faith and a desire to search for truth thus freeing one from the structures and patterns of the past. As more peace is revealed within ourselves. Joy and clarity may naturally arise. It may promote harmony with revealing a Greater Plan, as well as clarity why we are here.

Archangeloi Raphael

1-3 Days
A bath of peace, which promote a well being. The possibility to lessen to our inner voice comes from silence. Helps to dissolve conditioned patterns, clear insight and non-judgmental observation.

Archangeloi Sandalphon

1-3 Days
Brings an understanding of the meaning of interdependence and community. Promotes honoring the gifts of diversity and uniqueness within a group. Inspires cooperation, sharing and respect of an individual's contribution to the larger whole. May release patterns of conflict, scarcity mentality, conditioned roles, and restrictive belief systems.

Archangeloi Tzadkiel

1-3 Days
Brings the possibility of rebirth on all levels, and a new perspective in understanding and experience of love. May help us express love toward ourselves with self-acceptance, self-compassion, non-judgement, and self-forgiveness. We recognize and feel the same in others. When we free bitterness and fear within ourselves, hope and rebirth naturally arise. Feminine leadership, which expresses with intuition and heartfelt empathy, emerges within ourselves and helps us to recognize it in others.

Archangeloi Uriel

1-3 Days
It helps to support the growth towards clarity of intuitive perception, to use awareness with compassion, with warmth. It may awaken awareness of fear and confusion, or the tendency to intellectualization, to empower the mind more then the intuitive faculties.

Complete Set of Archangeloi Aura Spray

1-3 Days

Comes as a beautiful gift set containing all 9 Archangelois and a product brochure.